[how are aubergine and egg done]

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Egg and very much food can match together make, so egg not only nutrient value is high, the method that make also is multifarious, because this egg also made the necessary food in people freezer. Aubergine when if be bored with the method of the general aubergine that make, for example aubergine of evaporate of piscine sweet aubergine, can try an egg to fry aubergine. The article below also will be old furniture body to explain the egg fries the making measure of aubergine.

 How are aubergine and egg done

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Aubergine scrambles egg practice

Advocate makings: Aubergine 600 gram eggs 2

Complementary makings: Salt wine of right amount carry on garlic sprouts of a few of half spoon gourmet powder


1.aubergine section.

2.Garlic sprouts is cleanedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Cutting tool is cut after finishing piece, the egg joins break up of carry on wine to reserve.

3.A few oil is put to put chicken after pan is hotShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Egg booth is ripe.

4.Like cutting Cheng Heqing garlic next of size.

5.The oil that fry pan is hotA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Put Jiang Si stir-fry before stewing is sweet.

6.Put aubergine to break up fry.

7.9 maturity put aubergine into ministry of garlic sprouts bine to break up fry.

8.Again1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Turn small fire puts leaf share, put salt and gallinaceous essence to break up together fry.

9.Break up fry garlic sprouts to break a dish of aubergine after be born to scramble egg with respect to can give boiler

 How are aubergine and egg done

The effect of aubergine and action

Prevent cardiovascular disease

Aubergine contains a lot ofvitamin P, vitamin P is contained to be as high as 720 milligram in 100g violet eggplant, this kind of composition can improve hemal flexibility, the brittleness that reduces blood capillary and osmotic, prevent blood capillary haemorrhage, it is normal to maintain cardiovascular function.

Reduce cholesterol

There is a kind of thing that can reduce content of the cholesterol inside body in the cellulose that Brazilian scientist uses animal experiment to discover aubergine place is containedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Qualitative — curb horn glucoside. In addition, also discharge edible aubergine in the first place in the method that company of a magazine of American reduces cholesterol in the introduction.

 How are aubergine and egg done

Prevent cancer

The black nightshade element that Indian pharmacologist extracts from inside eggplant division plant can restrain the hyperplasia of enteron cancer cell, have effect of prevention and cure to cancer of cancer of the stomach, rectum.

Fight consenescence

Rich vitamin E and vitamin C are contained in aubergine, can reduce level of the cholesterol in blood, have positive effect to preventing human body consenescence. In addition, the prandial fiber in aubergine still can be restrained adipose absorb, have the effect of disappear fat thin body, violet aubergine returns can beautiful white skin.

Clear heat is alexipharmic

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks aubergine sex is cold flavour pleasant, clear hot detumescence, invigorate the circulation of blood changes the effect of Yu,

Reduce senile plaque

Aubergine has dispel the wind to connect subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, detumescence to come loose the effect of Yu, the vitamin in aubergine can maintain hemal softness bouncy, constant edible aubergine conduces to reduce senile plaque.

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