[butyric strawberry is strawberry of the four seasons]

Article introduction

Butyric strawberry is a desert after the meal, got of a lot of girls like, join inside butyric strawberry have fresh strawberry, bai Sha candy, still have fresh cream, such meetings make integral mouthfeel exceedingly good, and very sweet can mask the acidity above strawberry, general and common strawberry is OK when choosing strawberry, need not choose the breed of strawberry painstakingly, as long as strawberry is sweet and full-bodied good.

 Is butyric strawberry strawberry of the four seasons

Dish tastes characteristic

The desert after a common meal, get young woman quite love.



Strawberry 300g

Candy 100g

Bright butter 100g


1) makes strawberry syrup. The strawberry 150g of half quantity and 90 grams candy a pulverize, with filter filtration.

 Is butyric strawberry strawberry of the four seasons

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The 150g strawberry that 2) remains is cut two half, discharge beautifully in small dish good

3) adds leftover 10g candy in bright butter, hit a law to if show rate,arrive frothily.

The small dish of 4) strawberry is irrigated on carelessShanghai Long Feng forum

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Berry syrup, put on delicacy butter can

Nutrient value

Strawberry is the fruit of beautiful of all of a kind of lubricious fragrance. Its nutrition is rich, contain acid of fructose, cane sugar, citric acid, apple, salicylic, amino acid and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait mineral. In addition, still contain a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin C content is very rich, grass of every 100 grams contains vitamin C60 milligram in berry.

The carotene that contains in strawberry is the important matter that compounds vitamin A, have bright eye to raise liver action. Strawberry is returnedForum of Shanghai night net

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Contain pectic with rich prandial fiber, can help have a bowel movement of aid digestion, unobstructed.

 Is butyric strawberry strawberry of the four seasons

And the nutrient composition of strawberry is digested easily by human body, absorb, eat more also won’t catch cold catch cold or get angry, it is old little all the healthy food of appropriate. But after strawberry is cleaning the unlike in the process to give birth to pear, apple to be able to husk, eat, and strawberry appearance is rugged, skin is very thin, in a way is met forcibly damaged, so a lot of people do not knowForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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How should wash it, some people are flat do not wash eat, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Meet some people to cause the disease such as celiac discharge because of eating feculent strawberry to happen normally.

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