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Article introduction

Type of gem gal pear is the exercise method of a commonner kind of gem gal, have very good profit to the body, it has the effect of stimulative function force, to the male, perfective functional obstacle respect has certain effect, and to the female, have the effect with certain precautionary low sexual desire, can promote haemal circulation additionally, conduce to precautionary constipation, improve digestive function, treating all sorts of headache the respect also has certain effect.

Gem gal plows the profit of type

Gem gal plows the profit of type

Plow type very beneficial to network of nerve of whole spinal column. These nerve all get alimentary, increase and restore vitality, thereby rheumatism of all sorts of backache, waist is painful with back joint disease gets alleviative be eliminationed in order to arrive.

Plow type to make whole body be able to extend, eliminate shoulder and the inflexible feeling of two ancon, conduce to those who eliminate ministry of waistline line, marrow, leg department is adipose.

Still can function of active sexual gland, enhance sexual ability, be improved thereby and functionary of cure sexual gland ebbs. Sex appeal of impotent to the man, woman is slow with function force frail wait for disease, have huge curative effect.

The exercise plows type OK and contractible waistline, strong digestion, take out human body is adipose, active neurological, promote human body scale to all say.

Can stimulate haemal circulation. Blood sheds poll department, alimentary and facial with scalp. Thyroid gland also gets adjustment, the metabolic action of easy body wins improvement. Plow organ of type systole abdomen, compensatory vigor. Promote digestive function, eliminate constipation. Be beneficial to body of kidney, liver, lienal, pancreas, each endocrine and reproductive organ even. Return conduce1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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At correcting menstruation maladjusted, treat all sorts of headache, haemorrhoid and diabetic.

Gem gal plows the profit of type

Plow the proper practice method of type gem gal

① lie low is in the ground, body unbend, systemic take up, two calcaneal and tiptoe and approach. The palm is gadarene, stand by the body two side. The head and cervical unbend. This one pose and admire horizontal provision the pose is identical. So far, you already made very preliminary gesture.

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, tiptoe stretchs tight straight, point to as opposite as the head way. Begin inspiratory, raise on two legs elephant at the same time, carry all the time with the position with perpendicular body. SuckForum of Shanghai night net

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Gas and carry the leg should undertake at the same time. Both hands palm keeps former, sticking the ground.

Gem gal plows the profit of type

An article teachs you comprehensive understanding plow type gem gal

③ carries when the leg perpendicular position moment, begin expiratory, at the same time double leg is put to head following, the ground that makes toe touchs head ahead can be reached hard. The distance that contacts a dot as far as possible forward, but should endeavor and go. Those who stay in you to be able to be reached locallyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, the body should keep smooth. Expiratory after ending, hold normal breath, finish till the movement.

After ④ pose maintains about 10 seconds, again two legs reductive replace ground. Reductive movement should have pilot to undertake, two legs want a inch a inch make the same score to the ground put. Important is reductive movement wants successive, slow and smooth. In whole and reductive movement, leg and toe all want only thenForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Eventually take up, two legs should be straightforward like club.

⑤ touchs when calcaneal when the ground, whole body is loosened. Loosen 6-10 second all over, next according to afore-mentioned same methods, practice this pose a few times again.

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