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Develop as the society, a lot of people pay attention to life quality more and more, very muchShanghai noble baby

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The person begins the way to keep in good health, besides everyday every dietary nutrition is balanced outside recuperation, everyday fitness also cannot is short of surely, canter everyday not only repair and maintain reducing weight, still can improve the health, canter great to the advantage of human body, some people do not know a week canters a few times to had been compared, a week canters a few times bestShanghai Long Feng forum

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? Next we look.

A few times does a week canter best?

One. A few times does a week canter best?

At least 3-4 second. Ran reduces weight must keep good exercise frequency, the practice that runs one day to rest one dayForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Can let your ran achievement all one’s previous efforts wasted. Because ran need reducing weight is continuous long campaign having oxygen, want the friend that ran reduces weight so, perserving is crucial. Nevertheless intensity also cannot pass big, because intensity passes to may make bone and joint fatigue greatly, create the pressure of mentally possibly still, destroy the belief that you reduce weight then.

2. Ran advantage

1, eye

The time eye that holds to the person of long-distance running to everyday 1 is control in one’s childhood is orthoptic distance, this cross-eye eyeball is very good loosen rest, if there is the child of school age in your home, can let him hold to ran everyday, the odds of eye myopia can be reduced for certain.

2, cervical, shoulder ministry, vertebral1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The person that often takes before computer can have the problem of ministry of a few cervical vertebra, shoulder more or less, correct ran pose asks back is loosened straight, insist for a long time to be able to be opposite cervical vertebra1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Those who reach humeral ministry is unwell have very big improvement.

A few times does a week canter best?

3, heart

Hold to ran to be able to let you have a powerful heart and cardiovascular system function. Increasing the largest amount that absorb oxygen while the oxygen amount that to the body each organs carry increases greatly, the working quality nature of each organs rises greatly. Additionally middle-distance race can quicken haemal circulation, make coronary artery has enough haemal supply cardiac muscle, prevent all sorts of heart disease thereby. Pass the motion of lower limbs, make heart of vein blood regurgitate, still prevent the thrombosis inside vein.

4, blood

Had powerful heart blood-vessel system, the blood of the person that runFall in love with the sea

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Fluid quality it may not be a bad idea at the ordinary person, the adaptability that the body produces to long-term middle-distance race changes ameliorable metabolism, fat of bring down blood and cholesterol level.

A few times does a week canter best?

5, liver

I am in check-up when, check-up doctor calls the trainee in front of say: You will look, this ability is healthy liver, grain of exterior blood-vessel sequence of thought is clear, now such saw rarely. Ran eliminates fatty liver, this is in a lot of run there was test and verify on friendly body, very effective.

6, lung reachs respiratory system

Undertake middle-distance race takes exercise for a long time make lobar function becomes strong, increase vital capacity — the long-term long-distance running that undertakes regularity can develop lung breathes flesh, make change tolerance to greaten every time, lobar function increases.

7, abdominal

Evenness or the dream that the abdomen with abdominal muscle apparent channel is a lot of people, the proposal of coach of a lot of fitness and network are mad what the exercise such as the abdominal muscle ripper that pass can help you drill abdominal muscle is more powerful, but you still need ran outside abdominal muscle of such take out of motion having oxygen thick adipose outer packing. Of course, hold to even, because of abdomen adipose it is the trickiest, you have a bit lax it can kickback.

3. Remind

Long-term middle-distance race can raise each articulatory to spend, the pliability; of ligament increases skeletal intensity, density, avoid a person to suffer from to old age degrade quality osteoporosis, the skeleton of the person that the octogenarian Die old person in seeing every marathon thing knows long-distance running has many hale.

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