Id Software ” ruined soldier 4 ” character of option of PC domain form is analysed

 Id Software announced Doom series a few days ago newest make ” ruined soldier 4 ” option of PC domain form is characteristic. The basis develops the information that the group leaks, PC version exceeds support wide screen monitor, and do not lock up calm frame rate, include FOV to slide and a lot of high-ranking option.

PC game is our origin and basis. If a lot of players are same, we also like to adjust option to follow an experience in order to acquire the essence of life that we want, and the function promotion of a tiny bit that our system can offer. We will not lock up number of calm game frame when issue, support 21:9Exceed wide monitor, still have wider FOV view, still a lot of high-ranking options choose for the player, let a player find proper balance place in function and graphical quality respect.

Be in next a few Zhou Li, id Software will announce more the systematic framework about IdTech 6 engine, apply colours to a drawing cop and define technology and other content oneself, the floor level that its purpose depends on can widening lowest is configured as far as possible will let more player enjoy game.

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