Pass ” cankered country 2 ” become a net to swim on Microsoft E3 news briefing to announce

Just reporting ” funeral cadaver encircle a city 4 ” when, we also mentioned news briefing of Microsoft E3 2016 to go up to still can announce another corpse subject matter to be made newly ” cankered country 2 (State Of Decay 2) ” . We bring further detail for everybody again now.

The basis is called those who do Enter The Dragon Punch to explode on NeoGAF of foreign game forum makings, game of open world corpse ” cankered country ” add is made ” cankered country 2 ” will be online game, namely the net swims.

” cankered country ” in June 2013 put on sale, landed Xbox 360 and PC, in October 2014 when the portion, the government announces game sales volume was broken through 2 million. The government rolled out game of edition of a high-definition refashion later ” cankered country: One year lives edition ” , support 1080P resolution, game put on sale is late before was being collected all DLC of carry out. Landed PC and Xbox One.

There is a hearsay to weigh Microsoft before all game can land XB1 and PC in the future, after because this becomes a network,swimming ” cankered country 2 ” also can land WIndows 10 PC and Xbox One lead plane. Did not affirm in the government of course before, we still regard as wait for in light of the rumor.

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