MSCI China A exponential component hopeful behaves the Pan La in fund position to prepare repeatedly

From June 21 A be brought into successfully since MSCI, the preference of foreign capital has made field of A stock market ” latent strength ” . Data of Oriental fortune Choice s上海千花网龙凤论坛

hows, to 23 days 3 traded in a few days on June 21, add up to of the foreign capital on north is flowed into completely 4.4 billion, among them A of China of MSCI of position of nearly 3 billion capital exponential component. What deserve attention more is, before having上海夜网

this harbor of active all the time position the fund company of the product shows, did not come for some time more apt will be cast grind force is centered in A of research MSCI China exponential component on, harbor of rein in layout strength. From market fund at present flow direction and fund position can see, “South boreal heat cold ” pattern will get aggrandizement continuously.

Foreign capital ” on north ” enthusiastic promotion

Rushing close MSCI from beginning to end, arrive from survey buying and selling, the every act of foreign capital been affectinging the change of style of field of A stock market essentially. Since this year June, interconnection each other connects capital to flow by ” Leng Na heats up north ” turn into ” south boreal heat cold ” , foreign capital ” on north ” flow into A promote enthusiasticly somewhat.

Before June 3 weeks, an important force QFII in foreign capital forms a delegation survey bank of Liyade, Ning Bo, big a group of things with common features the company such as laser. These companies basically are had underestimate the feature such as actor of value, accomplishment, big market prise, accord with the potential standard that brings into MSCI. Foreign capital of this enough proof has been in ahead of schedule layout is relevant concept. Draw near before MSCI announces a decision 3 weeks, foreign capital is to use true gold silver to be opposite more the pitching ay of these mark. From the point of data flow direction, traded to 9 15 days on June 5 day, shanghai harbor connects the harbor below 7 trade day clinchs a deal to buy the forehead to be negative worth complet上海千花网龙凤论坛

ely, under photograph comparing, shanghai collude period clinchs a deal to buy the forehead to trade 3 times only to lose a value completely day. Deep clinch a deal to buy the forehead to also exceed deep harbor to connect the harbor below apparently completely. Last week 5, in daily Shanghai deep 10 big active clinch a deal on a list of names posted up, great majority is MSCI China A exponential component, hai Kangwei is inspected, Guizhou Maotai, beautiful group grab by foreign capital chip, buy amount to all exceed 100 million yuan completely.

Capital still is in to the enthusiasm of MSCI relevant concept continuance. A after bringing into MSCI message to announce (namely the following on June 21 trade 3 times day) , “South boreal heat cold ” situation continues. Statistical data shows, shanghai connect 3 when came 23 days on June 21 to trade day accumulative total flows into 1.31 billion yuan completely, shanghai harbor connects the harbor below flow into 1.138 billion yuan completely; And the corresponding period is difficult connect accumulative total to flow into 3.156 billion yuan completely, deep harbor connects the harbor below connect accumulative total to flow into 1.557 billion yuan completely.

Pay close attention to MSCI board piece differentiation effect

Inside endowment fall with effect of foreign capital resonance, much only white horse brush a history new tall. Nevertheless, the bewilderment with the at present biggest investor is, in Bai Ma after rising continuously, appraise value carries somewhat litre, whether is market style met switch?

Company of a large fund invests chief inspector to going up card signs up for a reporter to express, formed first half of the year this year relatively the prices of acme, card of above of field of whole A stock 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

market the 50 value that give priority to obtained apparent above quota accrual, it is good to do not exclude benefit accordingly after cashing, go up card the 50 value that give priority to the possibility that has certain callback. “But it is certain to have as a result of capital inertial, potential hopeful is brought into of MSCI board piece 3 quarters hopeful lasts active. ” this personage expresses.

Restful negotiable secu上海龙凤论坛sh1f

rities is newest release grind the newspaper also points out, the beginning of the year up to now blue chip appear to rise considerably, here setting falls, value invests cry day to fill, what represent to be with Guizhou Maotai is blue chip anticipate taller and taller also. The report is special point out, value investment is not buy super La Choubai only horse, also not be at the same time buy below any prices. In current estimate value standard falls, a few in dish value excel grail is blue prepare.

Be in last weekend, · of Henry of officer of MSCI presiding investment expends the De Ci austral Er to express publicly external, the Pan La in will not consider bring into more prepares, 195 very hopeful be brought into. Personage of orgnaization of a fair collect expresses to the reporter: “Actually, these 195 meaning Yuan Chao has accumulated a large number of going up at present big blue chip, future has appraise to be worth an advantage to reach rare those who be short of a gender is medium Pan La prepares a hopeful to cause the market to pay close attention to. Future has appraise to be worth an advantage to reach rare those who be short of a gender is medium Pan La prepares a hopeful to cause the market to pay close attention to..

Fair collect adjusts product position

See the prices effect that MSCI brings, fund of many fair collect also begins to adjust position. Fund company discloses, after opening deep harbor to connect last year, the company increases pair of harbor the layout of fund, but these companies put level recently delay harbor of the product roll out strength, turn and the product that more layout configures neatly, because this kind of product is in storehouse the limitation that go up is more agile, can buy valued A at any time board piece.

Spend in QDII forehead ” freeze ” below setting, since last year, establish harbor connect fund to borrow harbor go to sea investment, make the first selection of many fund companies. But be in recently, superintendency branch published a series of strict regulations, be opposite especially harbor lowermost storehouse make specific provision.

Look in orgnaization personage, when fair collect fund is promoting a product, should pay attention to flexibility m上海夜网

ore, below brisker in the market prices, strict storehouse limitation can make fund loses politic dominant position.

“After new rule comes on stage, company consideration will be original be aimed at harbor product, turn for agile configuration model. No matter be worth level or short-term A from appraise be brought into the profit of MSCI index is good in light of, this year A of layout of second half of the year may achieve more reliable earnings. ” in-house personage of company of a fund is opposite south the reporter discloses. This company once was in layout harbor fund respect action is very quick, its layout is adjusted it is certain to be had inside the industry representative. (reporter Zhu Xianjia)

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