Fujian electric power builds elementary school of 13 electric power hope 20 years

The net austral Fujian on September 27 dispatch eve in the morning, electric power of Wu Dong of Longyan fierce smooth county hopes many 400 children of elementary school are very happy. They get new study articles for use not only, independent love reading room still uncovers a shop sign, can read all sorts of books later. Yesterday of 20 anniversary activity is in the project of hope of Fuj阿拉爱上海同城

ian electric power that travels together with light and hope Wu Dong electric power hopes elementary school is held.

In September 1994, bureau of industry of Fujian Province power contributes the first when b爱上海

uild to always decide day abundant electric power to hope elementary school holds water, established hope project office 1995, up to now, project of hope of Fujian electric power already was in Long Yan, Na Ping, 3 bright, Tian Juan of Zhangzhou, Pu build上海千花网

s elementary school of hope of 13 electric power, invest many yuan 500, rebuild at the same time, overhaul school of 3 dange爱上海

r old Chinese learning.

Come 20 years, 13 are over 10601 people of student of graduate of small accumulative total. Since 2005, the company is annual and directional don上海千花网

ate stipend of elementary school of hope of 300 thousand yuan of electric power, use at rewarding outstanding teacher unripe, school building is reparat上海贵族宝贝

ive etc, budgetary promotion is 500 thousand yuan this year.

In these 13 elementary school, 8 are built in Long Yan, elementary school of hope of Wu Dong electric power is among them one of.

Yesterday, delegate of elementary school of hope of the power supply company that comes from Fujian each district, electric power assembles in elementary school of hope of Wu Dong electric power. 13 elementary school are obtained give 2015 year to aid learn reparative gold, still awarded prize of gardener of elementary school of hope of electric power of 2014 year Fujian Province, hand-in-hand travel is new knot of elementary school of hope of round of electric power is made an appointment with to the autograph. (the sea Zhan Chunyan of reporter Dai Min’s reporter)

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