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Sexual friend exercises the muscle that chest muscle, abdominal muscle is huckle even through motion, do not know everybody has discovery, the cervical muscle that has many strong and handsome public figures also is very develop. Of normal people cervical be fine grow again, and the cervical muscle of strong and handsome personage wants brawny a lot of, because this also appears very strong, how should exercise cervical muscle so?

How to exercise cervical muscle

Lie on one’s back lie low of neck Qu Shen is over pew, the head extends bench. Cervical loosen as far as possible flagging. Shanghai noble baby

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Loosen all over, make with cervical force the head is raised next come up next mental clingy prothorax, speed rein in. Stop 2 to 3 seconds, again slowly hind loosen completely to cervical muscle. (attention: When making this motion, the body should maintain lie on one’s back condition, back does not leave stool area) the attention adjusts breath. Repeat 20 times, 5~10 group.

Stretch tight strong this is law of a kind of cubic meter of earth, often play in one’s childhood. Back wall or the back of the chair, carry a wall on the head backward with headrest ministry, head and body are not moved, muscle insecurity is contractive, listen to a person to say this calls ” to stretch tight later strong ” ; Across of double perhaps hand is put in headrest ministry, both hands exerts all his strength ahead, headrest ministry exerts all his strength backward, mutual antagonism, neck is not moved. When taking exercise, the muscle of neck ministry1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Continuously nervous 3, 5 seconds, loosen rest 3, 5 seconds are a cycle. Take exercise everyday 100, 200, cent 5, finish 10 groups.

Lie on one’s back half the circumference of the sleeve where it joins the shoulder lays down in barber shop shampoo has foot of this kind of feeling constantly. Lie on his back on the bed, go pillow, headrest department supports a bed backward forcibly, raise humeral back, continuously 3, 5 seconds, next muscle is loosened, put down humeral back to rest 3, 5 seconds are a cycle, exercise purpose of sarcous of ministry of a person’s back in order to achieve. Take exercise everyday 100, 200, cent 5, finish 10 groups.

Aircraft receiving an abdomen moves, machine receiving an abdomen can exercise cervical muscle, machine receiving an abdomen is more comprehensive fitness equipment, it is abdominal muscle not merely, at this o’clock you want to know. Concrete step is, lie on machine receiving an abdomen, use exert oneself to do sth. with the neck.

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Fleshy method arrives with respect to the introduction in be like an article these, need to notice when undertaking taking exercise, our cervical it is very flimsy, if motion is undeserved,perhaps can give if motion is overweight cervical bring harmForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, want to pressing requirement standard strictly to have campaign so, if feel cervical sick at heart,be fond of unwell need to suspend campaign.

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