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After the child catchs a cold nurse besides what should strengthen pair of bodies besides, food also is very crucial, a lot of food are gone againstFall in love with the sea

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The cold recovers, return illness of cold of can aggravating child even, very adverse to the child, after a lot of children catch a cold still incontinent food and edible seafood, seafood is to belong to hair content, eat seafood to may accentuate too much cold.

The child catchs a cold, sea product, can eat

Should not be when the cold eat food

1. cold cool food

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When the cold coughs, should not be have cold drink or refrigerant drink. When rising at the beginning of the cold, be more onLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Respiratory tract disease, if have cold drink again,drink refrigerant beverage right now, your respiratory tract suffers stimulation again, very easy aggravating illness. Additional, eat cold cool food too much, also meet injury and taste, the influence digests a function, to the cold curing also is adverse.

The child catchs a cold, sea product, can eat

2. is fat decoct blast food

The stodge eats more in diet the heat inside meeting generation, accentuation coughs, if these contain earthnut, melon seeds, chocolate,the food with more oil shoulds not be much eat. Additional, fry had better not take, because pass deepfry provision burden of bowel of can aggravating stomach, cause phlegmy fluid, make coughSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Cough hard heal.

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The child catchs a cold, sea product, can eat

Shrimp of 3. aquatic product fish

Albumen of aquatic product alimental causes allergy easily, cough especially the little patient is in eat piscine raw meat or fish kind the cough after food will be aggravating, this and respiratory tract of fishy smell stimulation and the albumen allergy to piscine shrimp food are concerned. Should notice to avoid more to the child of allergy of fish, egg at ordinary times especially1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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This kind of food.

4. is sweet acid food

Acidity food has the effect with phlegmy collect, make phlegmy difficult expectorate, bring about cough to heal hard. A lot of people think orange relieves a cough expectorant, but actually tangerine skin just has relieve a cough expectorant effect, and meeting heat build-up gives birth to tangerine flesh phlegmy. Can eat a few dried tangerine or orange peel to help expectorant benefit morale to the child, but had better not eat tangerine meat.

5. seafood

Edible seafood does not want as far as possible after the child catchs a cold, edible may cause child cold to accentuate too much, cause gastroenteritis disease even, bad to child body, do not eat seafood as far as possible so.

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