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The thing that we know souse is to cannot eat too much, because the thing of souse has a lot of carcinogen very much,basically be, not exceptional also to the big the head of garlic of souse. The big the head of garlic of souse contains a lot of nitrite, and garlic is had excitantLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, ill to the eye patient does not suit edible. We let understand souse garlic head to have what harm together below, avoid the side effect that everybody is brought by the head of garlic.

Souse garlic head is endangered

One, the harm of souse garlic head

The food of all souse eats less as far as possible, what buy outside is more washed-up. Bloat many carcinogenic substance is contained in goods. Garlic is exposed not easily in air set time too long, meeting oxidation is degenerative, and, the thing of all souse is bad, contain nitrite, eat much souse food to cause cancer.

2, 5 kinds of people are unfavorable eat garlic

1, eye ill patient

The ancients says: “Garlic treats 100 disease to feel one eye only ” . Long-term, many eat garlic, cross-eye eyeball is harmful. Ji Kang is in ” preserve one’s health is talked ” in say ” laborious of meat or fish is killedFall in love with the sea

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Eye ” , garlic flavour most laborious, and it is a key to do sth walking along Qing Dynasty, open an eye, cause the loss of the eye easily. Eat garlic to want to notice so not overmuch, have a sick person especially, when be being treated must avoid drops hot food.

Souse garlic head is endangered

2, frail have the person that heat up

What the ancients thinks to feed garlic to meet dissipation person more is angry, at the same time also the blood of dissipation person, ” a book on Chinese medicine anew ” account ” garlic laborious heat is poisonous, give birth to phlegmy get angry, medicinal powder blood of air waste time, frail the person that has heat do not touch a lip ” . So the body difference, weakling that enrage blood wants to notice.

3, liver ill patient

A lot of people prevent hepatitis with the method that has garlic, even somebody is in suffer from on still eat everyday after hepatitis big1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Garlic. This is incorrect.

” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” account garlic ” long eye of caustic of the liver that feed an injury ” , garlic sex is hot, can aid laborious of igneous; flavour, perverse stimulate a gender strong. Liver has inside fire person if edible, irascibility is met more flourishing, time became long can cause loss of course.

4, lienal empty diarrhoea patient

Of unripe garlic excitant very strong, taking a place less usually is OK hurried is digested, but if suffer from the enteritis that is not bacterial sex, diarrhoeaA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Garlic eats again when, LoveShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Intense exciting meeting makes hyperaemia of alvine mucous membrane, oedema aggravating, promote oozy, make an illness exasperate.

Souse garlic head is endangered

5, serious defect person careful feed

Garlic belongs to hair content, alleged hair content, it is to point to cause certain disease particularly easily, or the food that accentuation already delivered a disease. Edible resembles the hot food such as garlic, chili, for the serious to must sufferring from defect, person that perhaps taking drug, appear probably apparent side effect.

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