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Chapter introduction

A lot of people can choose beef to become the means of stuffing when eating beef, because if just eat,fry beef, the likelihood tastes and taste as porky, but beef does stuffing really special and inviting, when a lot of people are doing beef to fall, want to join attune of a few dried small shrimps to change taste inside, but eating shrimp meat actually before this kind of more sensitive food, want to understand it to cannot eat together with what, so beef and shrimp1000 beautiful companies of ShanghaiLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Benevolence can you eat together?

 Can beef and shelled fresh shrimps eat together

Can 1 beef and shrimp eat together

Beef and shrimp can eat together.

1, go up in food sex flavour, beef sex is smooth, flavour pleasant; and shrimp sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, both each other does not conflict, because this is OK an edible.

2, go up in nutrient composition, beef basically contains protein, adipose, cellulose, vitamin, and a variety of microelement such as iodic, Potassium, and shrimp contains a lot ofmoisture, protein, fat kind, vitamin, and the microelement such as calcic, phosphor, Potassium, both composition each other is not overcome, can an edible.

How do 2 beef and shrimp eat together

Egg of beef of shelled fresh shrimps is friedFall in love with the sea

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Feed capable person: Rice meal, egg, chopped green onion, size shelled fresh shrimps, size beef, green vegetables.

 Can beef and shelled fresh shrimps eat together

1, will after green vegetables is abluent, iron with hot water.

2, hot pot, enter oil of right amount edible, put shrimp1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Benevolence decoct is ripe, put beef again, fry ripe namely fish out.

3, after laying an egg, fall into boiler, put shelled fresh shrimps, beef to be fried slightly again.

5, join rice, salt, pepper, gourmet powder to break up fry have sweet smell to rice.

6, scatter on the outfit after chopped green onion dish.

3 beef cannot be mixed what eats together

1, unfavorable as many as fast amylaceous food edible

Not little thick towing tie is contained in beefFall in love with the sea

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Dimension, because this is stodgy, and rich amyloid food is likewise bad to digest, both if an a large number of edible, of bowel of easy accentuation stomach bear ability.

Common fast amylaceous food: Yam, Chinese chestnut, pumpkin.

 Can beef and shelled fresh shrimps eat together

2, should not be and food of tall tannic acid a large number of edible

Because tannic acid becomes the protein that in dividing meeting and beef, contains to encounter,be united in wedlock, make thing of bad digestive complexing, the absorption that goes against intestines and stomach is digested, reduce respective nutrient value.

Food of common tall tannic acid: Pomegranate, tomato, persimmon, grape, wild Shan Li, walnut.

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