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Fermented bean curd is a kind of food that eats via regular meeting in our life, this kind of food tastes mouthfeel also is first-rate, and cent of fermented bean curd just is mixed for Qing Dynasty diamonds two kinds, of cyan taste mouthfeel smell, also be called to be strong-smelling preserved bean curd by us, taste gulesly more a few sweeter, but fermented bean curd is compared commonly salty, eat less as far as possible a few, perhaps eatShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Water is drunk more later, so is fermented bean curd what bacterium ferments come out?

Fermented bean curd is what bacterium ferments

It is according to fermenting the type can divide:

1, souse fermented bean curd: After bean curd base adds water boil, add saline souse, outfit altar joins complementary makings, ferment fermented bean curd. Of this kind of treatment method

Finished product of fermented bean curd (11 pieces) characteristic: Bean curd base not via fermenting (ferment without early days) direct outfit altar, undertake late ferment, what in relying on complementary makings, take is microbial and matureShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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. Its defect is albumen enzymatic inadequacy, later period ferments time grows, amino acid content is low, lubricious fragrance owes beautiful, be like 4 the Tang Dynasty field fermented bean curd, benefit of Hunan at present does not have mildew fermented bean curd.

Fermented bean curd is what bacterium ferments

2, wool mildew fermented bean curd: Foster wool mildew with bean curd baseLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, say early days ferments, make surface of base of bean curd of white mycelial overgrow, form tough skin film, accumulate albumen enzymatic, for souse the later period that hold world ferments creation condition. Wool mildew1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Long demand temperature is inferior, its are the most comfortable grow temperature is controlled for 16 ℃ , can issue fermented bean curd of manufacturing wool mildew in the condition with winter inferior air temperature only commonly. Conventional technology uses the wool mould in air, nature is vaccinal, need to foster 10, 15 days or so (suit domestic mill type to produce) . Also can foster blooded wool mould, artificial have an inoculation, 15, foster below 20 ℃ 2, 3 days can.

3, root mildew fermented bean curd: Use high temperature resistant root mould, via pure bacterium education, artificial have an inoculation, in summertime high temperature season also can produce fermented bean curd, but rare greens of root mould silk, grayish, albumen is enzymatic with peptide enzymatic active is low, manufacturing fermented bean curd, its appearance, colour and lustre, gust and manage change quality to be inferior to wool mildew fermented bean curd.

Fermented bean curd is what bacterium ferments

Combine above all sorts of actor defect, through the experiment, use mixLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Bacterium is planted wine make fermented bean curd, not only can add its special flavor. Still can reduce the liquor dosage in complementary makings, reduce cost, raise economic benefits, the scale of wool mildew and China root mildew is 7: 3 best.

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