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Bean curd is made by soja, soFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Contain extremely tall protein. Bean curd tastes not only fresh and tender, and the practice is varied also. Bean curd can be used at the fried dish, also can use at stew, OK still cold and dressed with sause, flavour is very absorbing. But, bean curd is in cooking when also should notice a method, can affect the mouthfeel of bean curd otherwise, make bean curd no longer tender slippery. So, does bean curd need scald water?

Does bean curd need scald water

Does bean curd of cold and dressed with sause need scald water:

Bean curd has needed water.

Cold and dressed with sause bean curd practice

Advocate makings: Bean curd (1 piece)

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: Green (a) , vinegar () of 1 small spoon, chili is oily () of 1 small spoon, salt (smaller part spoon)


1. cuts chopped green onion silk first, vinegar, salt, chili oil, chopped green onion puts dish in.

2. prepares bean curd together, if be firm,those who buy still is hot, use directly, if cool it is OK also to be boiled again with hot water.

3. puts bean curd prepare the dish of makings in, crush with spoon, with expect one case agitate, bean curd of delicate cold and dressed with sause is finished

Does bean curd need scald water

How does bean curd of cold and dressed with sause do delicious:


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. Bean curd cool boiled water is rinsed section is stand-by

2. garlic valve cuts end, hot pickled mustard tuber cuts end

3. continues to go to 2 spoon are joined to be born in the bowl smoke, one spoon mature vinegar, agitate of one spoon balm even

4. drenchs the sauce of mix up to bean curd go up

5. is scattered on chopped green onion, finish.

Practice 2

This raw material is bean curd calling water of tender perhaps bean curd will make gift delicious:

The bean curd of heft of 1. preparation oneself and garlic bolt and salad oil, salt, soy, garlic, water is amylaceous, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Thick broad-bean sauce is right amount;

2. has washed bean curd clear water next bean curd cuts Cheng Xiaoding, will green garlic bolt is abluent, stalk ministry and foliaceous part are not cut paragraph, garlic cuts fine; of chop of end; thick broad-bean sauce

After baked wheaten cake fries boiler to heat up, 3. adds edible oil greatly, fabaceous valve is put to fry after oil is lukewarm sweet, enlarge garlic powder is fried sweet, add a few boiled water next, transfer into; of salt of soy, a few

Bean curd fire is put after flavour of 4. mix up, make bean curd even with hand push boiler tasty, portion waiting for water closes quickly when working, put ministry of stalk of garlic sprouts seedling to be burned slightly, starch of water of final in part pushs divide evenly to receive the boiler since juice.

In fire when, duration should have mastered, lest bean curd is boiled old do not have so delicious, if want to eat cold and dressed with sauce, can cut bean curd man hind to cross water, next the v/arc sale at reduced prices after drop does water or in the bowl, drench directly after fire good recuperation go up, become bean curd of cold and dressed with sause.

Does bean curd need scald water

How does bean curd do more tasty:

1, the bean curd that buys should be cut first agglomerate rush with tap water next, fishy smell of take out beans, add boiled water next (adj/LIT wide crosses bean curd can) with salt (than making food the many salt of 2 times) bubble half hour, OK also, bean curd cuts chip or cut 2 centimeters of square piece, take taste easily when boil so.

2, the bean curd moisture that just bought is more, can put in dish with a bit heavy object, press next 30 minutes or so are in above bean curd, come to the water extrude in bean curd, have culinary art next, bean curd is easier tasty.

3, prepare a bowl of boiled water, put right amount salt, it is the bean curd bubble that cuts small again in saline boiled water, after 3 minutes, drop does bean curd1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Water is OK cooking. Through the processing of these two methods, cook the bean curd that come out to meet more tasty. The bean curd that passes scamper compares easy tasty. The bean curd of fire compares easy tasty, the key depends on duration reaching flavor. When fire bean curd, after applying boil of big baked wheaten cake (join all sorts of condiment) , move again to small fire stew, when waiting for stew to be made to Shang Zhishao, the starch that use water ticks off Gorgon euryale to make juice laps equably go up in bean curd, give boiler can.

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