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Oolong is one kind compares common tea in southern region kind, be in Fujian area especially, basically a lot of well-known tea belong to oolong. Oolong serves as a kind to ferment partly tea, also have a lot of profit to human body health, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid for example, wet one’s whistle. And oolong is being drunk in the autumn is best, because autumn drinks oolong, can eliminate summertime warm-up not only, still can solve ” autumn dry ” !

 What season drinks oolong best

One, what season has drunk oolong?

Autumn is to suit drink oolong most (green tea) . Oolong uprights at green tea (the gender is cool) with black tea (the gender is lukewarm) a breed between, belong to not cold lukewarm lukewarm sex tea kind. Right now weather begins to turn cool, wither and fall of flowers and trees, climate is dry, your population does glossal dry, the lip is weather-shack. Namely place of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine tells ” autumn dry ” .

Right now, drink on one cup not cold not hot, the oolong with gentle sex, or the yellow tea that drinks on one cup to fizzle out via proper stew, can have embellish skin, wet one’s whistle, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, eliminate heat is accumulated inside body, restore body fluid, let human body get used to natural condition change, in order to eliminate summer beyond heat, it is again good the tweak that also does not pass.

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The day is appropriate drink scented tea

Because spring is spring breeze, in relief gas,give birth to hair season. Severe winter already passed, the arrival of early spring, climate begins to turn warm, bring lease of life to everythings on earth, as a result of spring rain is much, wet

Degree big, it is Chun Nuanhua leaves, what everythings on earth anabiosises is seasonal. But at this time, people feels generally however Mondayish, lack of power, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is called ” spring tired ” . If drink on one cup sweet sweet scented tea, can alleviate ” spring tired ” phenomenon. Because of the flower

 What season drinks oolong best

Tea pleasant is cool and those who hold balmy Xinsan concurrently is angry, be helpful for sending out one winter will build up the cold evil inside human body, this world inside stimulative body enrages unripe hair (Yang Gang’s gas picks up) , qing Dynasty of god making a person enrages bright, can make ” spring tired ” from disappear. Strong sweet tea, it may be said:

“The flower makes tea sweet, bring out the best in each other ” , the beauty of collect tea flavor, of the flower sweet the highest grade in the tea at an organic whole.

3, summer is appropriate drink green tea

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Scorching, the intense heat of summer is blocked hard, person amid has the feeling that drip with sweat, use up plus the person’s physical strength much, spirit is depressed, if drinkShanghai noble baby

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On one cup of green tea of clear cool opening, not

Can rise to stop to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid yearningly only, of sunstroke prevention reduce internal heat free from worrySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Feeling, still can remove disappear to feed expectorant, intention of style of powerful body beneficial. Mix to thirst oral cavity spend gastric ulcer gently to have quicken heal function. Because green tea sex is cold, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is told ” cold but clear heat ” it is this truth. Outside dividing green tea, white tea sex is cool, can fall fire, have be good at stomach life-giving, go heat falls hot effect.

 What season drinks oolong best

4, black tea of optimum in the winter drink

Especially northward winter, the day freezes coldly, slumber of everythings on earth, cold evil raids a person. Right now, physiology function of the person is in shut Tibet to check status, common saying cries ” feline winter ” . And black tea is belonged to ferment completely tea, sexual pleasant is lukewarm, contain rich protein and many saccharide, can raise human body this world to enrage, heat build-up warm abdomenFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, enhance human body fight cold ability, still can aid digestion, go fat, filling nutrition is strong the body.

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