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In daily life, people is used to tremella normally normally soup of make it of tie-in lotus seed is in summertime edible, not only heat of cool and refreshing solution, and nutrient value is very high, still can rise to enhance immune power, increase be able to bear or endure the effect that suffers force and hairdressing dispel spot, but a lot of person oversight tremella is a kind of stodgy food actually, so cannot everyday edible, also should not be edible is overmuch, can cause indigestion.

 Tremella is good digest

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One, why cannot tremella eat every day

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Every day edible tremella, so can tremella eat every day, it is not possible actually, although tremella is very good thing, often when edible possible, but cannot every day edible, it has the effect of this embellish lung, but if eating every day, easy cancel each other out is changed bad, bad to taste.

2, the effect of tremella and action

1, hepatic detoxify

Often the alexipharmic function that edible tremella can help us raise liver, believing a lot of people to know liver is to having a what kind of effect to our body, so we eat tremella in daily diet have certain profit.

2, Qing Dynasty heats up be good at stomach

A lot of people like to undertake boiling soup to drink with tremella, because they know those who achieve effect of clear hot stomachic to tremella is OK, it also is blindly nourishing fine medicine, the characteristic is moist and not sluggish of be bored with, have fill lienal bowel of Qing Dynasty of gas of appetizing, beneficial, sleep peacefully the result of heat of the be good at stomach, filling head, Qing Dynasty that raise shade, moisten the respiratory tract, sufferring the isotherm that join fine and soft to heat up nourishing patient to flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability is a kind of good cordial.

3, increase immune power

Can avoid calcic prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, very beneficial to unripe long growth; Because contain a lot ofthe microelement such as selenium, it can enhance airframe to fight the immune force of tumor.

 Tremella is good digest

4, hairdressing dispel spot

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Have crude character colloid, add effect of its method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, it is OK to be taken for a long time embellish skin, have the effect of yellow speckle of dispel face ministry, fleck.

5, reduce weight

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Contain prandial fibrous provision reducing weight, its prandial fiber can aid gastric bowel peristalsis, decrease adipose absorb.

6, increase be able to bear or endure get power

Tremella still can enhance tumor patient to putting cure, those who change cure be able to bear or endure get power.

3, the practice of tremella

Practice one: Soup of horse’s hoof tremella

Raw material: Horse’s hoof (weigh water chest nut again) , tremella, medlar a small, rock candy is right amount.

Practice: Tremella shifts to an earlier date bubble hair. Water chest nut is abluent flay half-and-half stripping and slicing, medlar uses cold water bubble. Tremella enters boiler, add full amount water, big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn small fire is boiled stew half hours. Add water chest nut and rock candy to continue to boil 3Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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0 minutes become ropy to tremella, the medlar with face before involving fire 2 minutes to join bubble good can.

Effect: Water chest nut is cold sex food, have the favorable effect of fire of clear hot have diarrhoea. Already but clear heat promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, can complement again nutrition, most appropriate is used at having a fever patient. It has cool blood detoxify, diuresis aperient, change wet make expectoration easy, disappear to feed except bilge wait for effect. In season of popularity of respiratory tract contagion, eat horse’s hoof to be helpful for shedding the prevention and cure of head, hives, whooping cough and acute sore throat.

 Tremella is good digest

Practice 2: Soup of tremella bright yam

Raw material: Tremella 15 grams, xian Huaishan 250 grams, muscovado 2 spoon of 1 ~ .

Practice: Bright yam flay, abluent cut small-scale account, tremella immerses, rip it is small. Inside a next boiler, add clear water 750 milliliter () of about 3 bowls of quantities. Slow fire Bao changes to come after high heat rolls boil squashy, issue candy, push rare Gorgon euryale of horse’s hoof pink again but.

Effect: Tremella deserves to be skilly with Xian Huaishan and muscovado, apply to the recuperation of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability the turn of life, have be good at taste at the same time, stop have diarrhoea dysentery, the strength that increases respiratory tract, fight the function such as ageing, also be the skilly of the preserve one’s health when growing summerly autumn heat.

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